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Employment attitude

Eliminate child labor.
Create education and job security in Tanzania.

SPC implements and always discloses manufacturing traceability,
including that no child labor is involved in production.
Maintain a sustainable employment environment and ensure an essential contribution
to the development of the Tanzanian region.
Basic Information on the Geita Region

Why this location.

According to the USGS, Tanzania's *annual gold production (mine production) in 2021 will be approximately 1.61 million ounces (approximately 50 tons).
It is the world's 17th largest gold producer, accounting for about 1.7% of the world's annual gold production.
Gold production in Tanzania is centered around Lake Victoria in the northwest of the country (Geita, Bulyanhulu, North Mara).

*2021 global and country gold production data is estimated by USGS (approximately 97 million ounces, approximately 3,000 tons worldwide). Excluding countries with no data